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Fuck with this now, You need headphones with bass to enjoy this fully

From overseas, y’all know nothing about this.


And if you don’t you’re about to find out . . 

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"K2, Cheese or Lemon, Psychosis or Shiver,
1.6 or 7, I’m driving I can deliver.
Got G13 or Bubblegum, plenty of herbal remedies,
I’m twisted I’m so troublesome Blazing grade internal energies."

- Mr Traumatik [Peng]
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"This world is sick like syphilis, and the government, they don’t give a shit.
New world order, we should diminish it, don’t be a slave just use your initiative."

- Mr Traumatik
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"They talk criminal, but when the heat is revealed.
We find out, that they’re about as street as a field."

- Meany
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"I’m hearing im unlikable, i don’t give a fuck cause,
I handle bars like it’s steering on a bicycle."

- Meany
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"I came to be the best, so they gotta let me through.
And they rate me at 10, but i aint never made the news."

- Wretch 32
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""Yo im coming from a wild hood, didn’t live my life like a child should.
Forced to grow up fast we were deprived of our childhood.
Six since a lil lad, Nah i aint lying boys,
we were out robbing while you were with mommy buying toys.”

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