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I’m dropping new music today at 8:30 on soundcloud.
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Meryl [Prod. CAST] [Major118]

It’s been way too long since I released something so here’s a gift to the few people that care. Something that will be on my project, whenever it drops [idk], Paradise Lost. S/o to OriginalFani for letting me premier this song on his site!

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The last song I’m dropping from Paradise Lost. Next Wednesday. After this, the album will be yours in due time. I work slowly but only to give the people who care some really good music. I don’t ever limit myself and if I have to go back and fix things I always do. Hope y’all actually listen and support us. Major118.

Holographic | Raiden Ft. Oddyssey [Prod. HYDRABADD] [Major118]

I’m late on posting our video, but enjoy y’all. 

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Do me a favour.

Listen to that new Oddyssey I just posted.

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MIATL Ft. Major118 x iQ

A track we made with our homies from Atlanta. Shout out the entire iQ fam. Hope y’all enjoy the track!

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Vote For Sedgwick!

I never do this shit anymore, but …

My homies Sedgwick, an experimental funk/ska/fuck they literally play everything you could possibly imagine. Well anyways, they’re trying to get a spot at this years Warped Tour in FL. So if y’all could be kind enough to take 5 seconds of your time to vote for them, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Vote HERE.


HERE too. :)

P.S: You can vote as many times as you like. :)

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It’s Only Right | RaidenMajor

now on youtube!

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Stay Dirty on RSVP Gallery. 118.