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    This is the official artwork for my project “93rd SwordStyle” the sound of the project will be kung fun influenced.The title “93rd SwordStyle” comes from 1993 the year i was resurrected, and sword style stand for the lyrical ability I feel i have as a lyricist. This project is more than just beats with words. Its stands for more thans just a cd from a artist. This project is to represent what hip hop should be, which in my opinion is a story. Every song should be a story that people can enjoy and benefit from. “93rd SwordStyle” will be more like a movie that was written by me and produced by me and friends. I think this tape will really be a break through for my career. I dont not have a exact release dat yet, Follow me on twitter @DcillstTheDon for updates on the tape.  

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  • All I listen to is


     Illiad by Oddyssey 

    1999 by Joey BADA$$


    #Two9Forever by Two9


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    And if you don’t you’re about to find out . . 

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    Workaholics | Oddyssey Ft. Raiden

    Second single off Ursa, my new album. Some hype dope shit for ya’ll :)

    Inspired by Cup Noodles, the Team, and our favorite show.

    Go like this shit, son: Raiden x Oddyssey

    It’s funny cus’ Raiden looks like a Mexican Blake Anderson.

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    Oddyssey - It’s Gone

    Check this out everyone, my boy Oddysseys new track!

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