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“I’ve been going through a lot lately. I fell and hurt and felt the vigor and lust for life leave and simultaneously settle down in the vats and pits of my aching heart. I’ve watched a friend hear the words he needed to hear to be okay, I watched another realize he could live a way he wasn’t able to a couple months ago and love like she loved him, I’ve lost a man I loved and although I’m allowed back into his house and I shook hands with his father who I missed so much, I don’t think things will get better. I make music becus’ I need something to do. Something to keep my mind off of all these things. Something to keep my mind off of her and my demons and the urges. Cigarettes smoked and sexual encounters diluted by the feeling of being used and ignored have brought me to the conclusion that I’m not supposed to be happy, but that I’m supposed to be happy for everyone else. And I’m okay with that. I can be bitter. I can take this giant white pill and feel content that I’m just a beacon of hate and a conduit for the trans-dimensional intergalactic travel of happiness and love. The space I’ve represented in the cover of this mixtape, The Bitter Pill EP, represents the night sky I see. With the dark black strands of the universe, outstretched, wrapping themselves around my heart and the Hubble Telescope and spreading into the gaseous and lonely atmosphere of Venus. Thank you for reading, thank you for giving me the time of day the sun and the moon never could. This mixtape is for the lonely hearts and the people who aren’t sure they can be loved. You can. I can too. We’ll get through it all and I promise we’ll have our time. Just maybe not right now. Let’s be patient. I love you. All. We’re a million miles away from eachother but I know we’re still looking at the same moon every night.”
- Oddyssey Major
OddysseyMajor - Echelon (Prod. mjnichols)


Echelon (Prod. mjnichols) - Oddysseymajor

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Feel ur verse 1hunnid percent on Rohtos, holy shit

thats fuckin’ awesome, I knew I wasn’t the only one!

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Stephen Armeillino - Bullet Resistant mask (1983). Kevlay and polyester (28x17,1x9,5 cm) Manufactured by U.S. Armor Corportation.
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