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The future of screens everywhere.

Google announced their smart contact lens a couple months ago – one that could measure glucose without the need to prick the skin, a huge boon for those with diabetes. Not the sort to pause and take a breath after a win like that, the mad scientists of Silicon Valley already have version 2.0 on deck at the patent office, and, like every good piece of wearable tech, it’s got a camera attached. This means that soon you could be snapping selfies in every reflective surface you walk by with just a whim and a blink. Or, better yet, you could take a picture of literally anything else. Of course, bear in mind these are just patents - it could be a little while before you’re trolling South Beach winking at every bikini you see.
Google Is Making Your Eyeball A Camera

Black house in Tokyo by Level Architects reveals little to its neighbours

Cynthia E. Wood

Bye summer :’( Hi again Landscape Architecture
Freeway Park, 1976 - Lawrence Halprin